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Focused on growing our relationship with Jesus Christ and promoting fellowship with each other.

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Gospel Groups

Gospel Groups are for adults who want to go on an adventure of discipleship and evangelism.  Groups meet once a week for 4 to 5 weeks on a periodic basis.  Believers are taught to embrace a devotional relationship with God and are equipped to make disciples and have gospel conversations. Easy-to-learn tools are passed on to people seeking Christ and to new Christians.


For more information, contact Pastor Randy at

Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday school is for everyone who wishes to study and grow in a faithful response to God's Word. Meeting on Sunday at 11am in the Ministry Center, participants study the books of the Bible, one chapter at a time, using Discovery Bible Study (DBS) techniques. No lesson preparation is required.  In class, a portion of scripture is read and then discussed among the group using questions that challenge us to see who God is , who we are, God's grace, and what the Spirit is saying to us in the passage.


To learn more contact Pastor Randy at

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Bible 102

Bible 102 is for younger women and women seeking to refresh their knowledge of the basic characters and stories of the Bible, with the benefit of developing deeper heart connections with God.  No preparation time is needed. We read the passage together and discuss questions that arise, always considering what the passage teaches about God, humanity, grace, and walking in faith.  We meet at 7:15 on Wednesday evenings in the Ministry Center, October through May


For more information, contact Carol Slager at

Women's Bible Study

Women’s Bible Study is for woman of any age looking for a fellowship Bible study group, where personal bonds are formed while studying God‘s word. The studies may include books from the Bible, or topical studies such as “Forgiveness“, "Parables of Jesus", or "Fruits of the Spirit.  Study books are provided containing lessons to do at home. These lessons are discussed weekly at the Wednesday morning meeting in the Ministry Center.  


For more information contact Carol Smith at (209) 402-8817

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