Modesto Christian Reformed Church

Bible Study Questions 2014

--Questions for the Bible Study

December 31, 2014--Psalm 20--What Should I Aim For in Year 2015?  No questions available.

December 28, 2014--Genesis 23:1-20--The Covenant XIII: Death in the Promised Land.  No questions available.  Please see sermon transcript here.

December 25, 2014 --Acts 2:42-47--The Best Birthday Present Ever.  No questions available.  Please see sermon transcript here.

December 21, 2014--Genesis 22:1-14--Christ in the Covenant 4: Love

December 14, 2014--Genesis 21:1-7--Christ in the Covenant 3: Joy

December 7, 2014-- Genesis 20:1-20--Christ in the Covenant 2: Grace and Peace

November 30, 2014-- Genesis 19:12-29--Christ in the Covenant 1: Hope

November 23, 2014-- Psalm 103:1-5--Thank You, LORD!  No questions available this week.

November 16, 2014-- 1 Kings 19:1-18--God's Care for Elijah and Us; Guest Pastor Mary Hulst

November 9, 2014--Luke 17:1-10-- Don't Worry, Be Faithful; Guest Pastor Tim Van Zalen

November 2, 2014-- Genesis 18:16-33--The Covenant VIII: The Calling for the Covenant People

October 26, 2014-- Genesis 17:1-27--The Covenant VII: Start Over With the Covenant

October 19, 2014--Genesis 16--The Covenant VI: El Roi

October 12, 2014--Genesis 15:7-21--The Covenant V: Beautiful Pain

October 5, 2014-- Genesis 15:1-18--The Covenant IV: The Cost of the Covenant

September 28, 2014--Genesis 13:5-18-- The Covenant III: Blessings of the Promised Land

September 21, 2014--Genesis 12:10-13:4-- The Covenant II: The Way to the Promised Land

September 14, 2014--Genesis 11:27-12:9-- The Covenant I: The Call to the Promised Land

Genesis Introduction


Questions on John 11:38-46: Lazarus, Come Out!

Questions on John 11:17-37: I Am the Resurrection and the Life

Questions on John 11:1-16: The Life in Jesus

Questions on John 10:22-42: Hear Me, My Sheep

Questions on John 9:8-41: Lord I Believe

Questions on John 9:1-7: Healing the Blind Man

Questions on John 8:30-36: The Truth Shall Set You Free

Questions on John 8:12-30:  I Am the Light of the World

Questions on John 7:53-8:11: The Woman Caught in Adultery

Questions on John 7:37-52: The Living Water Flowing Within Me (June 8 sermon)